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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Going to Nashville, and New Colorways to Explore

In a few weeks I am gong to Nashville to spend a few days with Anna Marie Horner and Amy Butler and a few other friends as we explore color and pattern in textiles. Anna Marie has a new line of fabrics called Pretty Potent,
 and Amy has a line called Hapi.
I will let you know (with pix) how it goes, because I am very excited. Part of our assignment is to gather photos and images that we feel drawn to, so I am collecting those as I go about my days.

I am an admitted fabriholic, and wherever I go and a textile print catches my eye, I have to stop and explore. And perhaps make a purchase. My husband and I were in Nashville a couple weeks ago and he graciously allowed me time to explore to my heart's content two fabric stores within walking distance of each other (he sat at a coffee shop and read a book).The Fabric Gallery (no website) and  Textile Fabrics . At one I purchased a large bag of gorgeous, rich-looking drapery trim remnants. At the other, I purchased two patterns and 3 pieces of sale fabrics at a bargain price.

Sellers and shops on Ebay and Etsy, as well as Craftsy and Fabric.com are my favorite places to find the modern fabric designs that I love. There are a few Etsy shops that sell imported Japanese fabric that has vintage charm, like Babuska dolls, airstream trailers, old cars and old rotary dial phones. If you have not explored Craftsy yet, take a look. There are classes in most any creative direction you may want to explore. And then there's the designer Kaffe Fossett! His bold colors are addictive! My next project is a quilt mixing Amy Butler prints and Kaffe prints. 

Is there a new creative avenue that you would like to explore? Where do you get your inspiration?

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